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Bark at the Park – KC Royals game w/ your pup!

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Apr 5, 2017 Comments Off on Bark at the Park – KC Royals game w/ your pup!

Bark at the Park – KC Royals game w/ your pup!

Join us at Kauffman Stadium for a Kansas City Royals game, and bring your pup!  Bark at the Park gives you the chance to sit beside your canine friend while taking in an evening of Royals baseball.

As a club, we will be meeting at 5:00PM to tailgate before the game.  Your RSVP of yes to this event means that you will be meeting up with us at this time.  If you plan on attending only the baseball game, please do not RSVP yes. 

Tickets for this game are $48, which includes admission for yourself and your dog.  If you wish to attend this event without your dog, a human only ticket can be purchased for $29.  This option also applies to guests that wish to attend the event with you that do not have an accompanying dog with them. 

To ensure that we all sit together, Christine will be purchasing tickets for the entire group in advance in one transaction.  As such, if you plan on attending this event with the club you will need to send $48 (or $29 for human only tickets) to Christine by Thursday, April 13th.  Your RSVP yes to this event means that you will have your ticket funds submitted no later than this date.  

All ticket funds should be sent to Christine through the following secure website:$ChristineHofmeister

After you have submitted payment for your ticket(s), we will need the following information for your dog: 

* Dog Name

 * Dog Breed

 * Dog Gender

 * Dog Size (Small: 0-15, Medium: 16-50, Large: 51 and over)

 * Dog Age on 5/30/17 (must be at least 6 months old) 

* My Dog is Spayed/Neutered (Yes or No) 

 * Date of Last Rabies Vaccinations 

Please send this completed information to Christine through a private Meetup message or by email at <a></a>. 


Your $48 ticket package includes:

-Human and canine game ticket 

-Seating located in lower level left field corner

-Bark at the Park Waste Bag Dispenser

-$5 from each package purchase is donated to Wayside Waifs



– We will meet at 5:00PM in the parking lot of Kauffman Stadium to tailgate before the game. 

– Parking is $15 (cash only). 

-Christine and Cassie will arrive early and set up our big KC Dog Club banner between our cars, so that you will be able to find us.  We will also be wearing our KC Dog Club shirts.

– Christine will have picked up our pre-purchased tickets from the box office, and disperse them to everyone while we are tailgating. 

– We will all complete and sign a liability waiver. 

– As a group, we will head into the stadium at 6:30PM. 

– Game starts at 7:15PM.



Yes! If your dog:

-Is old enough to be around other dogs and people (at least 6 months of age).

-Is up to date on all required vaccinations.

-Is in relatively good health and can walk up and down several flights of stairs.

-Does well on-leash and is not overly aggressive toward other dogs.

-Is friendly toward humans and not excessively fearful.

-Is a Royals fan!

Probably Not, if your dog:

-Is still too young to mix with a big crowd (under 6 months).

-Is a senior dog that would have trouble navigating stairs and being outside for an extended period of time.

-Has aggressive tendencies towards other dogs or humans while on-leash (or off).

-Is exhibiting any signs of illness close to the day of the game (i.e., cough, nasal discharge, lethargy, diarrhea, etc.). 

-These symptoms can be signs of potentially infectious illnesses and it would probably be best for your dog as well as the other dogs in attendance, if they did not attend.

Older dogs, dogs with short muzzles and/or dogs in general that are quickly prone to heat exhaustion should consider not attending this event or possibly plan on not staying for the entire game. Even though there will be cool water and shady spots on hand, the direct sun and heat can be a deadly combination for dogs. Dogs cool themselves down by panting and are not nearly as efficient as us humans. Please keep the comfort and safety of your dog in the fore front of your mind when planning out this fun day at the park.


YOUR RSVP – If you RSVP YES, but your plans change, please update your RSVP to NO. New members who no-show for their first event & established members who no-show twice will be removed from KC Dog Club.


Become a KC Dog Club Sponsoring Member

Sponsoring Members make a small $20 donation to KC Dog Club, which helps support various group activities and incidental needs. If you’re interested in becoming a Sponsoring Member or making any size of donation to support the group, get details here –

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